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Pastor Kevin Mau

Pastor Kevin Mau was born in Stoughton, Wisconsin.  He attended Lutheran elementary schools in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.  After sixth grade, his family moved to Colorado (and, eventually, to Wyoming).  For his first two years of high school, he attended Northwestern Lutheran Academy in Mobridge, South Dakota.  In 1974, he graduated from Cheyenne Central High School (Cheyenne, Wyoming).
Pastor Mau began college in the University of Wyoming system (junior college in Cheyenne, then on to Laramie).  During his sophomore year, he met his new major … Debbie Davis.  School just couldn’t compete with a major that interesting, so, in 1976, he married his major and went to work.  His father had spent many years in the insurance business, so he followed his dad into that career field.  He spent 12 years in business focusing mainly on property and casualty insurance for individuals and small businesses.  Debbie was born in Glendale, California, but her parents, not being big city folk, moved to Wyoming when she was 9 months old.  Her dad became a construction foreman for a large builder in Wyoming.  After moving every couple of years as contracts finished, her dad took a job as the Director of Physical Plant for the Converse County School System (Douglas, Wyoming).  Her dad is retired and still lives in Douglas.  Debbie’s mom passed to glory in 2003.  After high school, Debbie moved from Douglas down to Laramie (her brother lived there).  There, she ran into this guy from Cheyenne that just wouldn’t leave her alone … so she married him.
Pastor and Debbie have four children (ages 20 to 40 … how’s that for family planning?).  Becky is married, runs the business end of a child-care center, and lives with her family in Wisconsin.  Jon is a surgical nurse (former Hospital Corpsman attached to the 1st Marines), and lives in Baltimore.  Beth is married, runs a daycare out of her home, and lives with her family in Minnesota.  Katie is our native Texan.  She was born in Temple, Texas, in 1996.  Pastor and Debbie have four grandchildren.

Pastor Earl Kriewall