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University of Texas at Arlington Lutheran Student Center

Tuesday night Bible Studies at UTA have been temporarily suspended while construction occurs at the Lutheran Student Center.

Tuesday's at 6:00pm - Bible Study - 311 College Street, on the north side of the UTA Campus

For about 14 years our church has provided Tuesday night dinner and Bible study at UTA for two important reasons: 
  • God has provided a mission harvest of foreign students, who have never heard the truth of their salvation won by Jesus Christ;
  • to address the need of college age students who, though they have heard the truth of their salvation, tend to stray from the good doctrine at this time in their lives.
Additionally, we now have been provided the opportunity to host a "Biryani night" ont he fourth Friday of each month. This ministry takes the form of a home-cooked meal, games, socialization and relaxation as well as Bible devotion, exposing the students to the truth of their salvation in Christianity. Our goal has been to feed their stomachs, build relationships, and feed their souls with God's Word.

For more information contact Pastor Mau at or 817-478-1277