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Christ Begins

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Christ Begins

"Christ Begins"

We stand and we watch on the bank, wide-eyed.
Water runs and all heaven opens wide, and a voice like thunder replies.

He's my Prophet, my Priest, my King; a light in the dark, Christ steps in.
Here's my Savior, my God, my King. The time has come, Christ begins.

Mary's whispering, but it's not the time. Yet six jars are filled
With the finest wine. Tell me who is this by our side?  Refrain

See the sun out-shined on the hill and hide. Clothes like lightning white,
Heaven opens wide, and a voice like thunder replies:  Refrain

We stand, gathered 'round on the mountainside. Watch the closing clouds
Hide him from our eyes; with a voice, united we cry.  Refrain